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What we do

Interinstitutional co-operation

External partnerships

What we do

A major part of the ongoing work of the Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC) consists of running projects that directly benefit the members of the consortium.

The projects are funded by a combination of external sources and regional funding wherein each partner contributes annual funds according to a formula based on student enrolments.

CHEC projects and activities are categorised as follows:

  1. Interinstitutional co-operation
    • Cape Library Consortium (CALICO)
    • The Publishing Liaison Office (PLO). Click here for the on-line system
    • Creating the Leading Edge (middle management training modules)
    • Quality Teaching in Higher Education – a regional development programme
    • Regional Expensive Equipment Project (REEP)
    • Communities of practice
    • Erasmus Mundus Programme

  2. Collaboration with TVET Colleges in the Western Cape
  3. Since the approval in 2014 of the White Paper for Post-School Education and Training: building an expanded, effective and integrated post-school system, CHEC has been exploring ways in which it can work towards the development of a single integrated system of post-school education. To this end, increased collaboration has begun with the six TVET Colleges in the Western Cape. (See the 2015 CHEC – TVET Conference Report and the 2016 report on CHEC’s Collaboration with TVET Colleges.

  4. External partnerships with
    • The Western Cape Government (WCG)
    • The City of Cape Town
    • Business
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