What is the purpose of the masterclass?

The masterclass deals with the following question:  To what extent are the traditional knowledge production paradigms valuable to the modern research discourse? The university traditions on research come under focus. The purpose of this 3-hour masterclass is to equip researchers with the knowledge and understanding of knowledge co-production and the value of knowledge creation and distribution to provide value to the university community within the ambit of Education 5.0 and the growing need for research outcomes as societal value.

The masterclass will therefore focus on aspects of trans-disciplinarity and mode 3 knowledge production.

Who should attend this masterclass?

This masterclass is designed for anyone interested in, or busy with, research in either an academic or an administrative position were research as knowledge production plays a role.

  1. Executives and managers from private and public universities looking to enhance their research understanding and develop their endeavours in terms of new challenges and requirements
  2. Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to foster a culture of creativity, and innovation in research with impact
  3. Non-profit and community leaders aiming to navigate societal changes and contribute towards impactful research
  4. Executive and senior managers interested in fostering collaboration and SDG related research and innovation
  5. Academics focused on research development and looking to incorporate cutting-edge knowledge into their programmes.

In summary, this masterclass is suitable for anyone interested in enhancing their research leadership capabilities  making a positive impact in their university and in society.

Date of masterclass: 14 September 2023
Time of masterclass: 14:00-17:00 – 200 min (3 hours)
Facilitator: Prof René Pellissier
Cost per participant: R2 000
CHEC certificate of successful completion: Participants receive a CHEC certificate at completion of the event.


Session Description of masterclass activities
1 Introduction (20 minutes)
a)     The changing HE landscape
b)     The traditional research function
2 Research as knowledge production (40 minutes)
a)     Knowledge production
b)     The reason d’être of research
3 Research in a social context (40 minutes)
a)     Mode 3 knowledge production
b)     Participatory research approaches
c)     Transdisciplinarity in research
4 Research uptake (40 minutes)
a)     The quintuple helix framework
b)     Science communication
5 So, where to from here? (30 minutes)
a)     Recap
b)     Closing remarks and call to action

Short bio of the facilitator

Rene Pellissier is professor of research and innovation and a research specialist with extensive experience in the field of research design and execution.  She currently heads the CHEC Higher education Leadership academy designing and hosting a range of programmes and courses to build capacity across HEIs.

René headed the design and development of the transdisciplinary curriculum for the master’s transdisciplinary programme in Climate Change and Sustainable Development across the SADC. She works as strategist, researcher, and systems engineer in the international arena based on her extensive international experience across the globe at universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and across Africa.  She specializes in research capacity development and research supervision.  She holds a PhD (Systems Engineering) in Industrial Engineering; and MBA and an MSc (Mathematical Statistics).