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Merger of Peninsula Technikon and Cape Technikon into Cape Peninsula University of Technology


CLE Creating the Leading-Edge middle management capacity development programme


The five Vice Chancellors sign a Public Compact, with a new vision focusing on the knowledge economy, equity, cost-effective and high-quality higher education Adamastor Trust re-named the Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC)


By 1997 we were pursuing a more systemic approach to regional collaboration that moved us beyond infrastructural projects such as library automation. A strategic vision statement was adopted that read: “Through the establishment of a [...]


Publishing Liaison Office (PLO) formed to provide copyright clearance services for study materials


Formation of Western Cape Institutions Trust (known as ADAMASTOR TRUST), focusing on institutional support, sharing resources, promoting equity Prof Jim Leatt appointed CEO Establishment of Cape Library Consortium (CALICO) to provide a networked library automation [...]

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