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Upcoming events

CHEC Critical Conversation Series: Higher Education leadership in challenging times

This Critical Conversation will introduce the Triarchic Leadership Mindset for navigating the complex today and uncertain tomorrow. Mental processes form the bedrock  of leadership thinking, reasoning, and acting, and the right mindset is critical for navigating the complex, chaotic, and unpredictable times we find ourselves in, let alone an uncertain future. This Critical Conversation will introduce attendees to the appropriate mindset required to successfully lead in these challenging times.

May 5th, 2023|Events, Latest events, News, Webinars|

CHEC Critical Conversation Series: How Intelligent is AI These Days, and When Will it Take Over?

We will discuss the capabilities and limitations of current popular AI tools such as ChatGPT. Our goal is to explore what machine intelligence might look like, how far along we are, and what threats it may pose in the future. We will survey current uses of AI and ML in production environments as a baseline for informed forecasting.

March 9th, 2023|Events, Latest events, News|

Survey on activities in our planned Critical Conversations and Masterclasses

CHEC Higher Education Leadership Development (HELD) is planning a series of Critical Conversations and Masterclasses to assist our universities in emerging key point.  We would like your feedback on themes to guide future topics for the forthcoming 2023 series of CHEC Critical Conversations and Masterclasses. It will take around 10 minutes to complete.

March 9th, 2023|Latest events, News|

CHEC Critical Conversation Series: Your invitation to the first CHEC Critical Conversation of 2023

You are invited to join us at STIAS for the first face to face closing ceremony of the CHEC capacity development programmes. If you are unable to join physically, a zoom link will be shared as well. Let’s get together and share our experiences.

February 8th, 2023|Events, Latest events, News|

Creating the Leading-Edge Programme Calendar 2023

The Creating the Leading-Edge Programme (CLE) has been developed by and for the universities in the Western Cape and is presented under the auspices of the Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC). The purpose of the CLE is: “To build and develop human capacity to create a thriving and supportive HE workspace.”

December 1st, 2022|Latest events, News, Programmes, Worskshops|

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